Teulu Llanfair



Llanfair’s intention is to create The Family/Y Teulu to enable those who no longer live in Penrhys, or who live in other parts of the world to feel that they are part of the life and work of the community. They may want to do this by receiving news through the new main website or through newsletters. So much is going on, Llanfair is at the beginning of very exciting chapters in the fields of education, leisure and nurture. We want you to be part of this. We want to receive your ideas for the future life of Llanfair.

It would have been a great help if this “circle of friends” had existed during the last couple of years when Llanfair faced the threat of closure. To know that there were friends out there would have been a great encouragement. We hope that the Family/Y Teulu will come into being in 2016.